Fresh & Sustainable Websites: JB Kelly Seafood Connection

The Internet sure has come a long way. If we think back to the 90’s when (if we were lucky) we had AOL or CompuServe and you heard that familiar dial tone as a telephone connected you to the magical world wide web, full of HTML websites built on platforms like

The way websites are built has changed dramatically over the years. Unless a company has a huge budget available, a custom built website is probably not the best solution to meet their needs. With the introduction of WordPress, Squarespace and Wix (to name a few) more and more businesses are building their own website. Without a web savvy employee on staff with an eye for design and professional photographs the results can be mediocre. I understand that not only cost, but the convenience of being able to update their own website, is what leads many companies to the do it yourself route. My solution is a combined effort approach.

Website Builder + Graphic Designer =
Affordable, Beautiful, Modern, Mobile Ready Websites

When you commission a graphic designer for your website project, you benefit from their experience and skill to guarantee your website is not only functional but looks fantastic. They are able to customize or create graphics to fill specific nooks and corners of the website, ensuring it keeps the attention of your audience, while still providing them with the pertinent details of your business. My preferred method for creating a customer’s website is to use since they offer ease-of-use for not only myself, but the client going forward. They also offer many themes that can be customized to create a sleek website, along with different tools and plug-ins to meet a variety of needs. Once the initial design is completed, I can turn the account over to the customer and they can make changes in the future without additional cost to them.

My good friends at JB Kelly Seafood Connection had a website, but it’s out of date table design with small poor quality product images that was not optimized for mobile use was not meeting their vision or their customer’s needs. Their social media accounts were helping to fill the gap, but the goal was to have a polished online presence that would entice new customers, as well as excite regulars about their products. That’s where Merlby Designs comes in…with my trusty laptop and WordPress at hand!

I provided a web design proposal, outlining a detailed plan for the website remodel. I find this helpful for both the client and myself and well worth the time and effort to put it together. You wouldn’t write a book without an outline and to a website build, the proposal is just as important. Once the proposal was accepted and JB Kelly Seafood Connection provided some key details, I deep dived into their Facebook and Instagram accounts, gathering my favorite images of their products, team, and facilities.

After brainstorming with their General Manager, we came up with well written, informative text and beautiful eye-catching graphics to best represent their brand. The addition of a blog will allow further engagement with their clientele, providing full course meals to contrast the bit sized servings of their social media accounts. To further involve themselves in the community, a regular feature on their blog with be “Meet Your Fish Monger” which will introduce the friendly staff members of JB Kelly Seafood Connection, one at a time. The first “Meet Your Fish Monger” post featuring the owner & namesake, John B Kelly IV, is ready and waiting for you. (CLICK the image below to take a look!)

Take a minute to stop by and visit and see what the combination of an experienced Graphic Designer and a platform like can do for your business. If you are local to Lancaster or Harrisburg, PA check out the fresh, sustainable, affordable seafood products JB Kelly Seafood Connection offers. You can subscribe to their blog or like their social media accounts while visiting the new website to get all their latest info and offerings.

Need a website for your product or business? Drop Merlby Designs a line!

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