Fresh & Sustainable Websites: JB Kelly Seafood Connection

The Internet sure has come a long way. If we think back to the 90’s when (if we were lucky) we had AOL or CompuServe and you heard that familiar dial tone as a telephone connected you to the magical world wide web, full of HTML websites built on platforms like The way websites… Read more “Fresh & Sustainable Websites: JB Kelly Seafood Connection”

Signs: Soulcialize Catering

Lancaster Central Market is a farmers market next to Penn Square in Lancaster, PA, popular with locals and tourists. There are a variety of offerings at Central Market, including groceries, gift items, and many ready to eat meals. A popular lunch spot, Soulcialize, is a new edition to Central Market in 2020. Chef Corey Woods… Read more “Signs: Soulcialize Catering”


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Hi, I’m Heather. Previously a Client Service Officer at Citibank, I became a full-time freelance Graphic Designer in 2008. I spend most of my time with my boyfriend and furry children (2 dogs and 2 cats) at Fig Manor (that’s our house’s name cause we’re fancy). I love designing and thought it might be interesting to talk about my process on a few of my projects and anything else design related that comes to mind.

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